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“Lamed” (collection privée - private)
Tous les âges sont d’or! De la conception à la mort, chaque étape de la vie est le trésor le plus précieux de l’homme. Et à l’issue, seul l’esprit ascende vers LA Révélation.

LAMED is the symbol of learning. Lamed as “limud” (learning), as “mallel” (words), as “milah” (word, alliance). At any age, the human being learns: as from the spermatozoid meeting and birth, until the return to dust. There is a strong motion from the sky to earth, while living, while learning. There is an opposite motion, when life is over. The soul leaves the body to go back up and get at last THE highest revelation. Death is the a joy. The joy of Revelation. Gold because each age, as from the beginning till the end, is a golden age.

Format: 40 x 100 cm
Support: Toile / Canevas
Caractéristiques: Acrylic et or véritable

Item: MSDES_007
Price: 1800 €

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